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Why we’re doubling the price of a corporate subscription

And what you can do about it.

PropLIBRARY is rapidly changing from being a resource library into an organizational change tool for improving win rates. That’s not a bunch of marketing speak, that's a result of combining our information resources with a customizable online training platform.

We have added more than a full day’s worth of online training to our process documentation and best practice guidance. We will continue to add courses until we have about a week’s worth. And we’re not charging extra for it. Our Corporate Subscribers can use PropLIBRARY to provide a week of training and business and proposal development to up to 50 staff. What will the impact of that be?

But online training is not our full vision. We want to build something that shows people how to overcome their challenges so they can prosper. We’ve taken the idea of online training a few steps forward. We started by making our training customizable. We can tailor our courses to match your particular needs, like when, where, and how to account for time spent working on a proposal. Or to teach people the information you need to qualify a lead in your particular line of business.

Then we realized something far more important about it. We can use that customization to solve problems. When you recognize a need to change, such as from a lessons learned session, you need to get that message in front of the right people at the right time. Building training into the process helps. But when the training itself adapts and changes, it takes things to a higher level. 

Imagine deciding that reviewers need to be on the lookout for something. So you make a change to the 20-minute reviewer orientation course. Then you send the link to your review team and ask them all to go there before the review on Wednesday. Incidentally you can track who does.

The same approach can work with writers. You can have them take a course, whether short or long, prior to starting to work on the proposal. Or, if you look at their draft and realize there’s a problem, like if it’s not written from the customer’s point of view, you can send them a link to a course that explains it to them. The same approach can also work with subcontractors, consultants, or anyone else who needs to know your process or procedures.

But wait, that’s not our full vision. We’ve taken the whole tracking and reporting thing, and turned it into a way to implement an internal certification program. You can have people certified as being qualified to review proposals, write them, etc. And they are certified in doing things your way. They have to prove their knowledge through the quizzes built into the training, and they have to demonstrate their skills through the exercises. PropLIBRARY tracks their course participation and issues awards and certificates when they meet the right thresholds.

PropLIBRARY transforms training into something continuous and built into the process. It transforms it into a tool that you can use to develop an organization's ability to win what it pursues. It enables you to track participation and use your win rate and lessons learned as feedback to continuously adapt and improve. That way it’s more than just an online training platform.

From a business model perspective, we’re aiming to get you there with our off-the-shelf training for about $100/person and customized for less than $400/person. We can show up and do instructor-led training when needed. But with online training, there are no travel costs and billable staff can stay billable. For less than the price of a single course per person, we’re delivering continuous organization development that continuously improves your win rate.

A PropLIBRARY Corporate Subscription currently costs $3,000. On May 1st, it will increase to $6,000. We'll also be offering a fixed price customization service. If you purchase a Corporate Subscription before then, or at least contact us to let us know you've started the paperwork and are just waiting for it to complete, you get the current price.

Or call 1-800-848-1563

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