Estimating course length

How long will your course be?

Some people are faster than others. Estimating how long it will take someone to read something or perform an exercise can sometimes be very subjective. Here are some benchmarks we use to estimate course lengths to help refine and standardize our guesses:

1 article = 5 minutes
1 quiz question = 1 minute
2 presentation slides = 1 minute
1 video minute = 1 minute
1 page file = 5 minutes

Here are a couple of examples:

A one-hour course might consist of a single module with 5 articles, a 10-question quiz, a 10-slide presentation (or 5-minute video), and a 20-minute exercise.

A 1.5-hour course might consist of two modules with 10 articles, a 15-question quiz, a 10-slide presentation (or 5-minute video), and a 20-minute exercise.

A 2-hour course might consist of two modules with 8 articles, one 20-slide presentation, one 10-minute video, and a 1-hour exercise.

Many other combinations are possible. Courses can be longer, there really is no limit. But for online consumption and development, it's better to break things up into smaller pieces. Sixteen one-hour courses are better than one 16-hour course.

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