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Submission readiness checklist

Is your proposal ready to give to the customer?

At the tail end of your proposal, you do not usually have much time to think things through. Having a checklist will make it much easier and help ensure that you don’t overlook anything.

See also:
Proposal completion
  • Delivery method verified (hand delivered, FedEx, courier, etc.)
  • Directions printed (if needed)
  • Final editing done
  • Spelling checked
  • Widows/orphans/pagination checked
  • Headers/footers checked
  • Front matter prepared
  • Contents checked against the table of contents
  • Contents assembled correctly
  • Cover letter signed
  • Covers, spines, and tabs correct
  • Number of volumes and copies
  • Electronic copies
  • Foldout counts and placements
  • Margins
  • Single vs. double sided copying checked
  • Reproduction quality checked
  • Cover text/graphics
  • Attachments
  • Original stamped (if required)
  • Forms
  • Proposals are packaged properly
  • Packages are labeled properly
  • Delivery address checked
  • Tracking numbers for any shipments
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