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Including exercises in your courses

Exercises are important training tools

Exercises can be even more effective than text, graphic, or video presentations. This is especially true for skills based training. Exercises can also be used to assess learning. 

Within PropLIBRARY, exercises can take different forms. But usually they will be implemented with either a file or a forum.

  • Exercises that are files contain the instructions, including self-assessment guidance if the exercises is not instructor-reviewed. They can involve writing sentences or paragraphs, or correcting them. They can involve spreadsheets or presentations. They can involve anything you can put in a file and explain.
  • Forums can be used to create exercises that involve interacting with other students. A forum-based exercise usually involves posting, reviewing, or commenting on something someone else posted. They can be used to explain and explore while interacting with other students since everyone who takes a course can see the forum for that course.

Most exercises should be scaled to require less than an hour to complete. An exercise should be used to complete a skills-based module, but they can also be used anywhere they aid in learning something. The more interactivity the better.

If the exercise is a file, the instructor must create the file that the student will download. If the exercise is a forum, the instructor must create the copy for the initial post that will explain to students what they are supposed to do.

You also have the option of making exercises self-reviewed or instructor-reviewed. But instructor-reviewed are usually limited to a set number or time period, since you don't want to be committed to reviewing a randomly received exercise for a student at some undetermined future date.

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