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Introduction to the Score program

The Score program is a way for people to demonstrate their business development and proposal capabilities. Participants in the Score program get points for taking exercises that prove what they can do. Each exercise you complete adds points to your Score.

The Score website builds an electronic transcript that shows what you are actually capable of doing, because the exercises reflect real life skills you need to develop business and write proposals. Participants can choose to keep their Score private, but they can't edit their grades or transcript. Because participants can't choose what to show or spin the results, people can rely on your Score.

Each exercise is designed to take approximately one hour to complete and may involve a mixture of research, analysis, writing, and other activities. Each exercise comes with detailed instructions and is provided in a Microsoft Word file. All participants need to do is follow the instructions, complete the file, and upload it back to the website. If you have questions about how to complete the exercise, you may email the instructor. When the instructor gets the exercise, they review it and provide constructive feedback, so you can learn, grow, and improve. It's not just about the points, it's about improving your skills and your ability to win business.

The exercises are not intended to be a replacement for classroom instruction and personal instructor interaction. However, they do allow for more exercise detail than is possible in classroom settings, and are a better way to learn skills as opposed to just gaining information. And they can be completed from anywhere, and scheduled at your convenience.

If you are new to the program, your Score is 0.

To boost your score:

  • Complete exercises and submit them for review. There is a small fee to cover the cost of the instructor’s time to review the exercises.
  • Create exercises and review them when someone takes them. In addition to earning points for submitting exercises and reviewing them, you’ll be paid for reviewing the exercises.
  • Contribute to the PropLIBRARY Knowledgebase or Proposal Recipe Library. You’ll demonstrate your knowledge and ability to write, and earn points for your contribution.


If you are an instructor with your own existing curriculum, or someone who can add to our Knowledgebase or Proposal Recipe Library, contact us to find out more.

Do you have to be a PropLIBRARY subscriber to participate?

No. However, we do subsidize a portion of the exercise review fees for our subscribers, and subscribers can take a couple of exercises free of charge. Subscribing has many benefits, including access to online training materials that will make achieving the highest Score considerably easier. But it’s not a requirement.




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