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Help page for the app

The heart of this app is the "Set Availability" page. It updates the database used by the companion app, Get Proposal Help, so that potential customers know your status.

Once per week, the app will send you a notification to update your status. All you have to do is slide and set it to keep everyone updated on your availability.

Other options

If you are working on an extended project, take a long term job, or are going to be unavailable for any other reason, click the "Unavailable until further notice" box. The app will leave you alone until you uncheck the box.

Updating your consultant profile

  • If you want remote work, click the box.
  • If you don't mind travelling, click the box. If you don't want to travel, don't click the box.
  • Click the areas you support. They are at a pretty high level because we don't want to make users doing a search have to read through a long list of that splits hairs. We want them to look you up and read your LinkedIn profile or visit your site to determine whether you're a match. 
  • You can include an hourly rate, or not. It's your choice. Some customers will only click through if they see it. Some might not if they get sticker shock. It's an ancient dilemma. We'd rather let you decide for yourself than force a particular approach on you.
  • The service description should be more like a tag line than a brochure. You've only got 100 characters to work with. It gets displayed under your name when you are displayed in search, so we don't want a lot of word wrapping.

Updating your account settings

It's pretty basic. Email, username, first/last name, and zip.

But this is where you can upload your picture by tapping the icon. Having you picture set will result in more people clicking on you.


Once you download the app, using it and all the exposure it brings you is free. But we also have some extra options for you overachievers and serious marketers.

In addition to the apps, we publish to over 100,000 people every week. Our website gets nearly that many visitors every month. If you click on promotions, we give you some inexpensive ways to get in front of our audience. Our entire audience is composed of people interested in winning more business. You will not find a better qualified audience anywhere.

If you want to run a special promotion, such as a discount or free service, you can use this to get the word out.

All of the proceeds from the promotions get reinvested into upgrades for the apps.


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