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Proposal Production Plan

Having a Production Plan helps to anticipate issues ahead of time and to ensure that production will go smoothly.

  • It also serves as a handy reference for answering questions about how the final proposal will be produced.
  • The Proposal Manager should work with the Production Manager to complete the Production Plan.


Due Date:

Shipment/Delivery Date:

Delivery method:

  • Hand carried
  • FedEx
  • Email:
  • Website upload. Url: 
  • Other:

Delivery Address:


Packaging/labelling requirements:


Electronic copy specifications (media, formats, etc.):


Hardcopy Requirements

Volume # of originals # of copies # internal Binder Type/Size/Color Page Limit


Formatting Requirements

Formatting RFP requirements
Heading fonts:  
Body text fonts:  
Graphics/table fonts::  
Line spacing:  
Cover text:
Other formatting:


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