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101 topics for proposal themes

The following list of potential themes is intended to provide inspiration.

  • Each theme below is followed by an example. However, details and substantiation are what separate an empty claim from a persuasive statement.
  • Use the words below for inspiration, but make sure you include the specifics of their environment and your solution and how it will benefit your customer so that your themes will really stand out.

The following list provides 101 Win Themes for Every Occasion:

What customers want

See also:
  1. Small, nimble. Because we are small, we are more nimble and better able to adapt to your changing environment.
  2. Innovative. Our approach ensures the constant consideration of innovative solutions.
  3. Not distracted by mergers and acquisitions. Because we are privately owned, we are not distracted by the mergers and acquisitions that limit our competitors’ responsiveness.
  4. Efficiency. Our approach reduces lifecycle Risk costs because it is more efficient.
  5. Responsive. Our issue tracking system will enable us to respond quickly to your requests and ensure that none of them “fall through the cracks.”
  6. Lower cost. By taking advantage of technology, we can meet the production schedule using less staff and lower the total project cost.
  7. Reliability. Our proven reliability means that you can count on us to deliver continuity of operations no matter what the circumstances.
  8. Seamless. Our solution will integrate into your technical environment seamlessly.
  9. Exceeds the requirement. We exceed the minimum requirements of the RFP in several significant ways.
  10. Best value. Our solution balances up-front investment against long-term operating costs to achieve the best
  11. Sustainability. By minimizing maintenance and resource requirements, our solution will be sustainable in the field.
  12. Scalability. The scalability inherent in our approach will enable us to respond to peaks and valleys in the workload.
  13. Meet or exceed performance standards/SLA. Our approach meets or exceeds all required performance standards.
  14. Positive return on investment. By approaching project costs as investments, we not only deliver the best return on investment, but we can quantify that return for our customers.
  15. Quick return on investment. Our approach emphasizes a rapid return on investment to minimize the financial risk to the customer.
  16. Builds a foundation for the future. Our platform not only meets the current requirements, but it puts in place a foundation that you will be able to capitalize on in the future.
  17. Award winning. The industry awards we have received recognize the quality of our offering.
  18. Financially sound. We are financially sound and our access to ample credit ensures our ability to support this project with any resources required.
  19. Can offer financing. Our financial strength enables us to offer attractive credit terms to our customers.
  20. Audited. Our financial strength is demonstrated by a series of external audits without qualification going back many years.
  21. Licensed/Bonded. Because we are fully licensed and bonded, you can trust us to perform.
  22. Licensing terms. Our licensing terms offer you several advantages over those of our competition.
  23. Performance. Our approach improves performance by increasing the speed of the process.
  24. Implementation. Our approach will produce benefits for you faster by completing the implementation sooner.
  25. Transition. Because our resources are immediately available, we can accomplish the transition faster.
    Transition Themes
  26. Retain institutional knowledge. We will maintain critical institutional knowledge by retaining the incumbent staffing.
  27. No disruption. Because our staff is already trained and in place, we can complete the project start-up without any disruption to our client.
  28. Ready on Day 1. We will be ready on Day 1 of the contract to provide service and meet all performance standards.
  29. Best combination. We offer the best combination of experience and innovation.
  30. Mission support. Our experience enables us to focus on helping you achieve your mission and not just on meeting contractual requirements.
  31. Most realistic. Our staffing, schedules, estimates, and pricing all reflect a realistic approach that you can count on.
  32. Clear lines of communication. Our emphasis on clear lines of communication ensures responsiveness.
  33. Well defined roles and responsibilities. Our management approach reflects well defined roles and responsibilities which deliver maximum efficiency while ensuring that all critical functions are fully covered.
  34. Flattened organization. By keeping our organization flat, we keep decision making as close as possible to the project.
  35. Direct access to executives. Our executives are always available via telephone or in person to address project needs.
  36. Rapid problem escalation. Our management approach formally addresses problem escalation to ensure that issues are promptly and thoroughly resolved.
  37. Mitigated. Our approach mitigates project risks.
  38. Identified. Our approach formally identifies and tracks project risks to ensure that trade-offs and decisions are made in an informed manner.
  39. Shared. Our approach shares risk so that all parties have an incentive to participate in mitigating the risks.
  40. Anticipated. Our experience enables us to anticipate risks and prevent negative outcomes.
  41. Capability. Our capability to deliver the services you need is proven through past performance.
  42. History. We bring a proven history of delivering on time and within budget.
  43. Track record. We bring a proven track record that demonstrates our quality.
  44. This customer. Our experience in your environment will enable us to provide better service.
  45. Location. Our experience with this location will enable us to recruit and deploy resources far more efficiently.
  46. Technology. Our experience with this delicate technology will enable us to avoid the potential problems.
  47. Our business/teaming partners. Our prior relationship with our business partners ensures that we can work together to meet your needs.
  48. Management. Because our management is experienced, they will understand your needs and be able to anticipate problems.
    Alignment with their:
  49. Plans. Our approach to this project aligns with your plans for the future.
  50. Mission. Our approach aligns with your mission.
  51. Goals. Our schedule aligns with your goals for this project.
  52. Already named/hired. All of the staff we propose to use are already hired and are named in our proposal.
  53. In place/ready to start. All of the staff we propose are in place and ready to start immediately.
  54. Qualified/trained/certified. Our staff are fully qualified, trained, and certified.
  55. Incentivized staff. Our staff are incentivized to meet project goals.
  56. Client review. We review all major staffing decisions with you.
  57. Physical security. We will provide the critical physical security you need for your staff and facility to remain safe.
  58. Information assurance. Our approach addresses information assurance and the security of your IT infrastructure.
  59. Fault-tolerant. Because our proposed system is fault-tolerant, it will remain operational even if a part fails.
  60. Continuity of operations. Our approach will deliver continuity of operations, even if a disaster should occur.
  61. Safety. By focusing on safety, our approach avoids unexpected delays, and costs.
  62. Independence. Our quality manager operates independently, and does not report to the project manager.
  63. ISO/CMM. Because our management and quality processes are ISO certified, they can be relied upon.
  64. Assessment/Surveillance. Our approach to overseeing quality includes tracking performance metrics and sampling.
  65. Testing and validation. Our emphasis on testing and validation ensures you of a reliable system.
  66. Audit trails. Our approach provides a clear audit trail to help clarify the circumstances should a problem occur.
  67. Feedback. Our approach seeks out and incorporates your feedback to ensure you have a voice in how the project unfolds.
  68. Lessons learned. By documenting and incorporating lessons learned, we ensure that valuable experience is retained.
  69. Continuous improvement. Our approach includes specific action items designed to achieve continuous improvement.
  70. Metrics and measurements. By capturing metrics and measurements data, we create a repository of performance data with multiple benefits for our customer.
  71. Change management. Our process for change management is careful and controlled to ensure that new versions do not introduce new problems.
  72. The customer will be included and involved. We form a partnership with our customers that ensures their participation and keeps them in the loop with regards to project events.
  73. We will shift the burden from the customer to us. Our approach enables you to shift effort to us so that you can focus on other goals.
  74. Formal. Because we follow formal methodologies, our performance is more reliable.
  75. Documented. We will not waste your time inventing new procedures because ours already exist and are fully documented.
  76. Repeatable. Because our procedures are documented and repeatable, they are followed consistently.
  77. Certified. Because our methodologies are certified, they are more reliable.
  78. Off-the-shelf. Our approach lowers cost by using off-the-shelf components.
  79. Proprietary. Our in-house proprietary software provides advanced decision support.
  80. Open. Our use of open solutions is more reliable and cost effective than approaches that depend on proprietary platforms.
  81. Standards-based/compliant. Our approach is fully compliant with applicable standards.
  82. Already trained. Because our staff are already trained, they will face no learning curve, and will be able to get to work immediately.
  83. Ongoing. Our approach to training is ongoing and not just occasionally offered.
  84. Technology refresh. Our approach to training ensures that our staff remain current with changes in technology.
  85. Client staff. Client staff will be invited to participate in our training sessions.

  86. Ongoing. Our support will be ongoing, available for the life of the project.
  87. Quick. Our approach to support emphasizes quick response.
  88. Thorough. Our support managers will ensure that all issues are thoroughly resolved.
  89. Capacity. Our approach to providing support ensures that we have the capacity to respond to all requests.
  90. Self-service. We will make our support resources available to those who want to help themselves without going through the help desk.
  91. On-site/off-site. Our approach addresses the need for support to be provided onsite.
  92. Issue tracking. We fully track all requests for support in order to measure responsiveness and ensure thorough resolution.
    Abundance of
  93. Resources. We have an abundance of resources available to support this project.
  94. Experience. Our abundance of experience in this area ensures our ability to deliver managers and staff who understand your needs.
  95. Staff. The size of our staffing pool ensures that we can quickly fill any open positions on this project.
  96. Skills/knowledge/ability. Our experience gives us an abundance of relevant skills and knowledge for this project.
  97. Detailed/Comprehensive. Our detailed and comprehensive plans ensure our readiness.
  98. Flexible. Our plans are flexible and able to adapt.
  99. All contingencies addressed. By explicitly addressing potential contingencies, we ensure our ability to respond quickly.
    Environmental issues
  100. Reduced waste. Our approach reduces the amount of waste and improves efficiency.
  101. Use of recycled materials. Our approach is more environmentally friendly because we make heavy use of recycled materials.
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