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Where should you look to identify themes?

Themes come from many sources, all of which depend on having the right information. These include what you know about:

  • The opportunity
  • The customer
  • The competitive environment
  • Yourself and your offering
  • The RFP

The following table can help point you in the right direction to identify themes for your proposal:

Source Consider Topics Like:
Opportunity Intelligence What are their real goals for the procurement?
What is the real scope?
What is the potential for project growth/shrinkage?
What are the risks? What unwritten requirements do they have?
Customer Intelligence How well does the customer understand their needs?
What are their preferences?
What is their tolerance for risk?
Competitive Intelligence How should you position against the competition?
What are your strengths/weaknesses?
Yourself What are the results, benefits, and strengths of your offering?
How will the customer benefit from your company’s strengths?
The RFP How well do you fulfill the qualifications and requirements?
How do you exceed the RFP’s requirements?
What should you emphasize/deemphasize?
How should you position yourself against the evaluation criteria?
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