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Win Strategies and Themes

Win strategies are what you plan to do in order to win.

Proposal themes are how you implement your win strategies in writing.  They articulate the reasons why the evaluation should select you.

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In your final proposal, themes can take many forms.  They can be headings and subheadings, go in text boxes, be part of the text, or be captions for graphics.  In a sense, the entire proposal can be thought of as one big theme statement.  How you present them is determined by the design of your proposal template.

In order to be effective, your themes must be substantiated.  Your proposal should be built around its themes.  You should not write the proposal and then try to add themes.

The MustWin Process guides you through collecting the intelligence to determine what it will take to win, put it in writing, and use it as criteria to measure the proposal against. This will put you into position, with the information you need, to prepare your theme statements.

If you do not know your themes or will be developing your theme statements collaboratively, then insert place holders in your Content Plan and use these topics to help the team at the appropriate time.

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