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Proposal Assignments

The Proposal Manager is responsible for tasking people with proposal assignments and tracking them through to fulfillment.

  • The Proposal Manager makes the assignments.
  • The Capture Manager is responsible for making sure there are enough resources available to complete the assignments.
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Proposal assignments can take different forms.

  • Develop the approach that will be proposed.
  • Develop the content plan or other supporting documents.
  • Write an RFP compliance response.
  • Write to convert the Content Plan into proposal narrative.
  • Prepare ready-to-submit proposal copy.
  • Add something to a response.
  • Support the production, by transforming the proposal content into its final form for submission.
  • Review a section of the proposal to validate one or more items from the Validation Plan.
  • Perform action items related to developing, producing, or submitting the proposal.

The Proposal Manager must make the expectations for each assignment clear.  This includes providing the deadline and describing any processes or steps required.

Proposal assignment planning often starts early as part of budgeting and forecasting efforts.  Specific assignments are usually based on the proposal outline. As the development of the proposal progresses, the Proposal Manager should update assignments and reset expectations as needed.

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