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Kickoff meeting agenda

All meetings should have an agenda in order to be productive. The kickoff meeting is no exception.

Your kickoff meeting agenda depends on your goals

  • Some kickoff meetings are held to announce the implementation of existing plans and some are held to announce the start of the planning efforts.
  • The Proposal Manager should make sure that the agenda matches the goals you wish to accomplish at the kickoff meeting.

The following items should be considered for the Kickoff Meeting Agenda:

See also:
Proposal start-up and logistics
  • Introduce the opportunity
  • Introduce the team members
  • Review the draft schedule
  • Coordinate contracts/pricing efforts
  • Request project references from team members
  • Identify project staffing
  • Request resumes
  • Request data (staffing, SOW coverage, etc.)
  • Identify core authors
  • Identify outline reviewers
  • Identify reviewers
  • Identify writing assignments
  • Request RFP related questions
  • Update resource requirements
  • Update proposal contact list
  • Request corporate background information from each team member
  • Request logos from each team member
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