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Kickoff meeting guidance

A kickoff meeting is a way to formally launch the proposal effort and bring key stakeholders onboard

Kickoff meetings can help get everyone on the same page, with the same set of expectations

  • The Proposal Manager should determine the schedule, agenda, and goals for the kickoff meeting.
  • The Proposal Manager should coordinate with the Capture Manager, Executive Sponsor, and other key stakeholders prior to the meeting, and then lead the meeting when it is time.
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Proposal start-up and logistics

Kickoff meetings are held to announce the start of the proposal.  At the kickoff meeting you may:

  • Announce that you are starting to prepare your plans.
  • Present your plans if they are complete.

The best approach is often to bring draft plans to review and finalize at the kickoff meeting.

All stakeholders, including subcontractors, should be present.

It is a good idea to get everyone involved in the proposal together face to face at least once.  The following pages provide guidance so that your kickoff meeting can be as productive as possible.

Make sure that there is value to the attendees in making time for and coming to the meeting.  If you are going to have one, at least make it worthwhile.  Attendance should be mandatory.

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