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Post RFP release bid/no bid decision

You can’t make a final Bid/No Bid decision before you see what is in the RFP.

  • You can “no bid” with certainty at any time, but you can’t make a final decision in favor of bidding until you see what is in the RFP.
  • The investment required to pursue will go way up once the proposal effort starts, so you should reexamine whether the pursuit is worth it.
  • The clock is ticking…  the time spent deciding takes time away from preparing to win.
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Bid/no bid decisions

After the RFP is released it is time to reconsider whether to bid (again).  Prior to the RFP you may have tentatively decided to bid, but once you see what’s in the RFP you may need to reconsider.  In any event, it’s a good idea to take a minute before starting the expensive proposal effort to consider whether it is worth it to continue.

It is important to be decisive.  If the bid decisions at your company are made by committee, then convene it early and make sure the decision is stated clearly.  Often when there are problems with a bid, instead of taking the bold decision to either bid or not bid, companies will deliberate.  And deliberate.  And deliberate.  Sometimes the bid will even start without a clear decision to bid.  Or not to bid.  Rather than take off like a runner at the starting blocks, this type of proposal limps along.

Immediately upon RFP release, you should provide a set number of days to read the RFP and reach a firm decision.  You can always no bid later.  But you can’t wait to get started.
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