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Guidance for readiness reviewers

Readiness Reviews are where the measuring of progress takes place. Without them, progress is uncertain, and you will probably find yourself unprepared at RFP release.

  • The Executive Sponsor is responsible for performing the Readiness Reviews.  The goal of the Readiness Reviews is to track progress towards being ready for RFP release.
  • In performing the reviews, you should do more than simply assess any deficiencies.
  • Wherever possible, you should identify the action items needed to improve, provide guidance, and help people get to green (and therefore in a better position to win).
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Pre-rfp readiness reviews

Intelligence gathering is as much an art as it is a science.  While you can never collect enough intelligence, and usually will not have as much as you would like to have, you still need to measure progress in order to ensure that you are prepared when the RFP is released.  The Executive Sponsor conducting the review makes a subjective determination whether the progress at each review is sufficient.

For each goal during the review, the Executive Sponsor assesses each item using a “Red, Yellow, Green” scale (with Red meaning “insufficient to win” and Green meaning “sufficient to win”) at that point in time.  A review of the intelligence gathered at the first review might be green since very little time has passed, but if more intelligence is not collected by the next review it could slip to yellow or even red.  Compare the current review status to previous reviews to identify any trends and help keep the pursuit on track.

What is “sufficient” at a given point in time is subjective.  The Executive Sponsor should base the determination on whether the pursuit is on track towards accomplishing everything necessary to be prepared for RFP release and to ultimately win the bid.  If the pursuit is behind where it should be, the Executive Sponsor should downgrade the score accordingly to identify where to target for improvement before the next review.

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