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Pre RFP pursuit

The MustWin Process defines specific goals to be achieved prior to RFP release, so that when the proposal starts you will already have a competitive advantage.

  • The Business Development Manager prepares for the Readiness Reviews by collecting intelligence.
  • The Executive Sponsor will be expected to review the intelligence collected and determine whether it is sufficient.

You must have specific goals that you seek to accomplish before the RFP is released.  Otherwise, the time will likely be wasted.  Here is a list of goals recommended by the MustWin Process:

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Pre-rfp pursuit
  • Collect intelligence about the customer, opportunity, and competition so that you will know what it will take to win
  • Track measurable progress towards collecting that intelligence throughout the pursuit of the opportunity
  • Grow the customer relationship
  • Develop your win strategies and position your company to win
  • Lay the foundation for any teaming with other companies that may be necessary to win the opportunity
  • Identify all of the internal resources that may be able to contribute to the proposal effort
  • Prepare for an accelerated start to the proposal
  • Prepare people to fulfill their roles in supporting the proposal
  • Begin to set expectations for all stakeholders

The Readiness Review process provides an approach for ensuring that your goals are accomplished.

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