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Who does what?

A summary of the roles people play

Keep in mind:

  • We define roles functionally. A person can play more than one role. Since the roles cover functional needs, they all must be covered.
  • While this chart gives you a simple to understand goal for each role, it does not cover everything required from each role.
  • A chart like this may be the start of expectation management, but it's far from the end. Expectation management is key.


Role Description
Executive Sponsor Sets standards regarding quality and process integrity and provides the resources needed to win. Typically has profit/loss responsibility and budget authority over the pursuit. Plays a key role in the validation of the proposal.
Business Development Manager Identifies and qualifies leads and collects intelligence. May pursue multiple leads simultaneously. Directly interacts with the customer and is responsible for establishing and maintaining the customer relationship. Responsible for collecting the intelligence necessary to qualify and win the lead. Hands the pursuit off to a Capture Manager once one is assigned.
Capture Manager Responsible for winning the pursuit. Makes the decisions and obtains the resources necessary to win. Dedicated to winning a specific opportunity (whereas the Business Development Manager is responsible for identifying all possible opportunities). Directly interacts with the customer. Makes decisions on behalf of the business unit regarding bid strategies, technical approaches, teaming, pricing, and staffing. Partners with the Proposal Manager who is responsible for developing the proposal document. Also responsible for identifying resources required for the proposal.
Proposal Manager Leads the creation of the proposal document. Responsible for tasking and coordinating assignments related to developing the proposal. Works with the Capture Manager for input regarding what is to be proposed and resources to contribute to the proposal. Defines and implements the proposal process.
Process Administrator Prepares process related documentation and coordinates activity. Enables the Capture Manager and Proposal Manager to focus on developing the message while ensuring that the process is properly executed.
Production Manager Provides a single point of contact and oversight for document production and assembly.
Writers Create finished proposal text. Responsible for incorporating the proposed approaches, complying with all RFP requirements, implementing win strategies, and incorporating intelligence regarding the customer, opportunity, and competitive environment.
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Provide the knowledge needed for an effective proposal. While not usually responsible for finished copy, SMEs are responsible for providing the specialized knowledge required to describe the proposed solution and provide compliant responses to all RFP requirements. At the Proposal Manager’s direction, may participate via interview instead of written content.
Graphics/Illustrator Provides the skills needed to render graphics. Generally not responsible for conceiving of graphics, although may provide some assistance.
Contracts/Legal Provides review and assistance with the contractual elements of the proposal and teaming relationships.
Pricing Provides assistance with developing the pricing and preparing the pricing proposal.
Reviewers Review elements of the proposal per the Validation Plan.
Production Staff Provides specialized expertise to enhance the proposal document. Responsible for presentation, formatting, and production. Also responsible for tracking and process administration.


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