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Training plan

Sometimes the customer wants training. Sometimes the training is for your staff. Sometimes it is for another stakeholder. No matter who gets it, training can add value.


  • What types of training will you offer?
  • Who are the target audiences for the training?
  • What is the training medium: instructor-led sessions, computer-based training, exercises, or simulations, or something else?
  • Where will training be provided?
  • What materials/courseware will be used?
  • How will you develop the curriculum?
  • What certification(s) will students receive?
  • What accreditation does your organization and/or instructors have?

ApproachesDifferent goals can drive the need for training on a project.  Training may be necessary for the use and adoption of specific tools, techniques, or solutions, or for more general,  ongoing  skills enhancement .  Audiences can vary as well — training may be required for client staff, project staff, or others.

When training is addressed in the Technical Approach, it is usually in the context of the particular aspect of the solution being discussed.  When training is addressed in the Management Plan, the emphasis is generally on scheduling and administration of training, and training roles and responsibilities.

StrategiesIf the RFP does not require training, providing it anyway can be a competitive advantage.  Training is often included as an after-thought, without much detail. Even when training is required, you can add value by providing it to more audiences, in more ways, and at more locations.

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