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Every project, even a pure services project, produces tangible items that get delivered to the client, even if it’s just an invoice


  • What deliverables will you produce?
  • What is the benefit to the customer for each?
  • What specific requirements will each deliverable meet?
  • How will you manage the production of deliverables?
  • What standards will you use to evaluate the quality of deliverables?
  • What is your schedule for delivery?
  • What is the review/acceptance process for each deliverable?
  • What media will be used for the deliverables?
  • Can you provide samples of the deliverables?


Most projects include reports and documentation and some include products or physical deliverables.  How deliverables will be scheduled and produced, and how you’ll provide quality assurance should be addressed in the Management Plan.

Consider providing a table listing deliverables, the frequency/schedule, and benefits to the client.  You may also wish to describe deliverable quality standards and metrics.

If possible, you should provide samples of deliverables.  If the deliverable is a large document, at least provide the Table of Contents.  If the deliverable is a tangible product or object, provide a photograph and/or specifications.


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