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Customer support

Whether it’s technical support or functional support, a little help can have a big impact on customer satisfaction


  • What types of customer support do you think will be necessary?
  • How will you provide this support?
  • What capacity will be required for providing support?
  • What support will provide on-site and what support will you provide off-site?
  • What is your approach to issue tracking?
  • What will your standards for response time be and how you will meet them?
  • How will you manage issue escalation?
  • What are your support policies and procedures?
  • Will you use any systems or tools to enhance the support you provide? 


Projects that have a specific help desk requirement will often include it in the Statement of Work, to be addressed in the Technical Approach.  However, customer support can be a topic for the Management Plan as well, especially in the context of issue tracking and escalation.  Technical details, such as the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms and techniques, can be useful for your customer support response. However, in the Management Plan, you should focus on the functionality and benefits to the customer, as opposed to the features of the technology.  


If the RFP does not specifically require customer support, it may be a competitive advantage if you provide it anyway.

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