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Continuity planning

Continuity Planning is for projects that must continue performance in the event of a disaster


  • What are your back-up and recovery plans?
  • Which team members are responsible for continuity management?
  • What are your recovery priorities?
  • How you will coordinate your continuity plans with external organizations and third parties?
  • What are your plans for facility relocation?
  • What training will you provide to ensure that staff know what to do in an emergency?
  • How will you test your back-up and recovery plans?
  • How will you protect any vital records?
  • How often will continuity plans will be reviewed and updated?


Individual sections of the Technical Approach may address back-ups and various contingency alternatives.  A continuity plan, which can be part of the Management Plan or a completely separate section, describes these precautions at the project –level; it details how the project as a whole would continue operations in the event of an emergency.  

A continuity plan should address plans and procedures for back-ups, relocation, and the implementation of contingency alternatives. A continuity plan should include re-organization and re-constitution of project staffing, back-up recovery and system re-deployment, and relocation.  It should address roles and responsibilities, contingency plans, training of project staff, and testing of recovery procedures.

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