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Applicability of the MustWin process

This process was designed to support the pursuit of a business opportunity that requires the development of a large, complex, RFP-based proposal that will be produced by a team of people.


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It also designed to meet the requirements of preparing government proposals. However, we avoid using government contracting jargon so that the process can be used by commercial firms or anyone with a non-government RFP.  It can even be used for proposals where there is no RFP if you sufficiently understand your customer’s requirements.

There are many, many different kinds of proposals: information technology, engineering, landscaping, construction, grants, research, products, services, staffing, healthcare, etc.  This process was not designed around a specific type or industry.  We encourage you to customize it to reflect any specific requirements for your industry or offering.  The questions that specify the intelligence to be collected for each of the Readiness Reviews are a good place to start any customization.
What is a Must Win?
A Must Win opportunity is critical to the company for either financial or strategic reasons.  Recompetes are often Must Wins because the company relies on them financially and uses them as qualifications, and people’s jobs are often on the line.  Must Wins can also be strategic, such as breaking into a new customer, releasing a new product, or launching a new service line/capability.  In each of these cases, you need something that you can cite as a reference, so your first customers are critical to your success.  They often merit extra effort to secure the win.

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