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Preparing to write the staffing plan before the RFP is released

What are the strategies, points of emphasis, and context that your response to the RFP requirements should substantiate?

Answer the following questions to provide the context for writing the Staffing Plan after the RFP is released. Keep your answers short. The less narrative the better. 

After the RFP is released, your responses here will enable the Proposal Content Plan to be prepared more quickly and to contain better instructions for the authors who will write the proposal narrative.

Questions that drive your strategies

Since this is intended for pre-RFP response, anticipating the final outline is difficult. You can however, anticipate the topics that will be relevant to a Staffing Plan. Apply each of the following questions to each of the topic below. 

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  • What matters to the customer about the staffing plan?
  • What will we offer or do that’s different from our competitors?
  • How will we do things differently?
  • Are our staff immediately available?
  • What is our approach to filling proposals that aren’t already filled at contract start?
  • What is our approach to handling turnover?
  • Why are we staffing this project the way we are?
  • What results can the customer expect from working with us? 
  • What risks are the customer concerned about?
  • What risks are we concerned about?
  • Why should the customer trust us?
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