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Transition plan/phase-in plan

If you are going to be taking over from another contractor, if you are going to need some time to prepare, or if you will not be able to perform at full speed immediately, then it is a good idea to include a Transition Plan or Phase-In Plan


  • What steps will you take to get ready to start the project?  
  • Will you take steps to prepare before the contract is even awarded?
  • What is the schedule for implementing the plan and its duration?
  • What hardware, software, equipment, purchases, procedures, and staffing that you will put into place during the Transition Period?
  • What staff that you will use to implement the Transition Plan?
  • What will you require from the outgoing contractor (if any) or from the client?
  • What transition risks do you anticipate?
  • What certifications, sign-offs, or acknowledgements will be required to recognize when the transition period is over and performance at full specifications begins?


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