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Tools, methodologies, and techniques

Are you going to use any tools or do the work in a special way?


  • What tools/methodologies will you use for: development, design, workflow, configuration management, process automation/management, program management, collaboration, budgeting, record keeping, time keeping, tracking systems, customer relationship management, and document/knowledge management, etc.
  • How does what you plan to use align with what the customer is already using?
  • How the customer will benefit from the tools, methodologies, and techniques that you will use?


Sometimes a methodology can be the focus of your approach.  For example, a company might feature its ISO Quality Assurance program, its Capability Maturity Model recognition, or its use of a technique such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  Some methodologies also incorporate the use of software or tools.  

You can highlight your use of a methodology or tool in the section of your Technical Approach where it is relevant.  You can also include a separate section on Methodologies, Tools, and Techniques in your Management Plan to reinforce your company’s adherence to standards.  


It is important to remember to describe the benefit to the client of any methodology or tool you feature.  If the tool will enhance productivity or quality, then detail how that will happen.   If the result is that you are lower in cost, more reliable, or better than your competition in some other way, you should explain how your customer will realize those benefits. If your methodology can be illustrated, be sure to include the graphic and organize your narrative around it.  The narrative description should focus on the benefits that will result from the methodology and not on the details of implementing the methodology.

Another way to use methodologies and techniques is to provide a list of standards that you comply with.  This list can be provided as an exhibit and provides a place for terminology, sound bites, and the latest buzzwords.  Caution: Unless you provide a statement to describing how it is used and how the customer will benefit, the list may have little real meaning.  But it does provide a quick-and-easy approach to compliance and name-dropping.

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