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A staffing plan shows that you have the requisite resources, both in quality and quantity, to fulfill the requirement


  • How important is staffing to the overall success of the project?
  • What depth and breadth of staffing is available from your company?
  • What skills are required for the project and how you will allocate your firm’s skills sets across the project scope of work?
  • What qualifications are required for each position or role on the project?
  • What are the responsibilities and level of effort anticipated for each role?
  • Who will the key personnel will be? 
  • What are the backgrounds, qualifications, and experience of the key personnel?
  • How do the staff you have selected distinguish your firm and will benefit the customer?
  • How will replacement of staff be handled if necessary?
  • How do you recruit new personnel?
  • How are new project staff trained and oriented to your firm, the project, customer, and work site?
  • What is your plan for retaining staff and achieving low turnover?
  • How will staff performance be evaluated?
  • Do you plan to hire staff from the client or incumbent contractor?


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