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Checklist for customer site visits

A site visit, if the customer allows one, is a huge opportunity to gather information beyond what will be in the RFP

Tips for Site Visits:

  • Just remember that anything you say or do will be observed by your competitors.
  • The site visit should be attended by as many people as are allowed by the customer.
  • Get answers to as many of the Readiness Review questions as possible.

The following checklist can help you get the most out of your site visits:

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Gather Intelligence About The Customer

❏   Learn things that they won’t put in writing in the RFP like what their goals or preferences are.
❏   Try to identify who is participating in the procurement and in particular, who will be participating in the evaluation.

Gather Intelligence About The Opportunity
❏   Count staff, including both Government and contractor, to help clarify the scope and pricing.
❏   Inventory which equipment is furnished by the contractor and which is furnished by the customer.
❏   Examine documents such as procedures manuals, standards, and policy documents.  Request copies of any that look useful.
❏   Come prepared with technical scope questions.  You may get different answers in person than in writing.

Gather Intelligence About The Competitive Environment
❏   Examine the sign-in sheet to discover who your competitors are.
❏   Request a “Bidders List” or copy of the sign-in sheet.
❏   Find out who intends to bid as a prime contractor and who intends to bid as a subcontractor, while either broadcasting, hiding, or misleading about your own intentions.

Influence The Solicitation
❏   Come prepared to make suggestions and influence the solicitation.
❏   Introduce your key staff to the customer face to face.
❏   Be helpful to the customer.
❏   Reinforce how you want to position your company in your customer’s eyes.

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