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More reasons to “no bid”

It is impossible for this list to be too long

Never pursue a bid just because you can

  • Every bid can’t be a “Must Win.”
  • It’s really hard to break the habit of bidding everything you find.

Here is an additional list of reasons to “No Bid” an opportunity:

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Bid/no bid decisions

❏   You find out about the opportunity when the RFP is released
❏   The customer has no budget or can’t afford what is required
❏   Your competition is cheaper or there are too many competitors
❏   You don’t know who the competition is
❏   You can’t assemble a winning team
❏   There is a requirement in the RFP that you can’t live with
❏   The price risk is too high or the performance risk is too high
❏   You have negative past performance
❏   The customer doesn’t like you or you don’t like them
❏   The customer doesn’t know you or likes someone else
❏   The customer won’t answer critical questions
❏   The opportunity doesn’t fit your corporate strategies or goals
❏   The RFP is either too vague or is too specific
❏   There’s not enough profit in it
❏   You don’t have enough staff available to write the proposal
❏   You aren’t qualified
❏   You have a conflict of interest or intellectual property issues
❏   The customer or the schedule is unrealistic
❏   You don’t have the staff to do the work if you win
❏   You don’t know who the evaluators are
❏   The customer is trying to justify a selection already made
❏   The customer is just fishing or is not serious
❏   Location, location, location
❏   The contract type is not appropriate for the type of work
❏   Your awareness is limited to what’s in the RFP
❏   There is no potential for follow-on work
❏   Pursuing it would distract you from other opportunities
❏   You can’t articulate why you should be the one to win
❏   You don’t know how the procurement fits the customer’s strategic plans
❏   The technology requested is already obsolete


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