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Using a compliance matrix to create the proposal outline

For complex proposals, a Compliance Matrix is required to create the proposal outline

Steps for creating a proposal outline:

  1. Create a Compliance Matrix based on the RFP.
  2. Create the outline as you parse the RFP requirements in the Compliance Matrix.
  3. Use the outline to begin Proposal Content Planning, where you figure out everything else that needs to go into your proposal in order to win.

Creating the outline and the compliance matrix go hand in hand. You should start by following any instructions the RFP may contain regarding how to organize the proposal. Next, add items to the outline until you have a place for everything you need to address. Because a requirement or topic may impact the outline in multiple places, creating a compliance matrix can get complex. For example, if the customer asks you to address risk, but doesn’t provide a specific place to do it, you may need to address risk throughout the proposal in a variety of contexts (technical, management, staffing, etc.).

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