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Boilerplate/re-use checklist

Before using recycled proposal content or using boilerplate there are many things you need to check

Don't use it without making sure it's fully optimized to win:

  • If you think checking all of these will be time-consuming, you are right.  Ask yourself which you can do without.
  • This is why using boilerplate can take longer than writing what you need from scratch.
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When using boilerplate or re-using past documents, make sure that you:

❏   Update the customer, project, and other names
❏   Ensure that any dates or numbers mentioned are accurate
❏   Check that it is fully RFP compliant and in the right sequence
❏   Add or delete relevant topics
❏   Edit it to use the same terminology as the current customer/RFP
❏   Validate that it reflects the approaches being proposed
❏   Validate that any trade-offs made previously(e.g. cost/performance) are still appropriate
❏   Emphasize the benefits that matter to this particular customer
❏   Research the previous bid strategies and evaluation criteria so you can undo anything no longer applicable to the current circumstances
❏   Substantiate the right win strategies and themes for this particular bid
❏   Optimize it against this particular evaluation criteria
❏   Ensure that any examples cited are relevant and up to date
❏   Has anything changed since the previous proposal for your company, projects, staff, technology, processes, etc. that should be incorporated?
❏   Ensure that it reflects your full awareness of the customer
❏   Check whether it includes any assumptions and if they are still relevant


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