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Using proposal content plans with proposal recipes

The combination provides acceleration without sacrificing quality

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If you use the format for Proposal Recipes that we recommend, they can be easily integrated with your Content Plans.  The recipes include a list of questions to answer and approaches and strategies you can take.  Not only do recipes do a better job of inspiring and accelerating than recycling proposal narratives, but they also integrate with the planning process better.

The questions to be answered can be dropped directly into your Content Plans.  The approaches and strategies can be used to create instructions for the authors.

Not all of the questions will be applicable to every proposal, so the person preparing the plan should either select the relevant ones, or instruct for the author to consider which questions are relevant as part of the writing.  

Using recipes can greatly accelerate things and increase the level of detail in your plans, and do it in a way that is safer than recycling narratives.  By increasing the level of detail, you provide more inspiration to the authors and produce a more detailed, better quality proposal.

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