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Proposal content plan review checklist

Things to consider when validating your Content Plan

Validating your Proposal Content Plan helps to ensure that your proposal writers:

  • Aren't trying to hit a moving target.
  • Are aware of everything they should be when they start writing.
  • Know what their assignments are.
  • Define proposal quality the same way the reviewers do.
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Creating a proposal content plan

Does the Content Plan do the following?

❏   Do you have the right balance of placeholders and details to guide the writers while still responding quickly?
❏   Does it state the conclusion the customer should reach after reading the section?
❏   Does it explain how substantiate that conclusion?
❏   Does it identify the points that should be emphasized in the section?
❏   Does it identify all of the customer/RFP requirements that should be addressed in the section?
❏   Does it suggest how to optimize the score against the evaluation criteria?
❏   Does it provide information about the customer, opportunity, and competitive environment that goes beyond what is given in the RFP?
❏   Does it expand on the RFP requirements and provide guidance to help the writer respond to them in the right context?
❏   Does it explain to the writers what to do with any statements or information provided?
❏   Does it identify where projects/experience should be cited and where?
❏   Does it identify where examples should be cited and how?
❏   Does it identify any places where proposal re-use files could be used and how to modify them to fit the needs of this proposal?
❏   Does it identify any assumptions, limits, or boundaries that were identified when making trade-off decisions or in response to ambiguities or problems in the RFP?
❏   Is there a graphic in every place where it could improve the communication or navigation?
❏   Is every graphic necessary?
❏   Is it designed to make it easier to write the section?
❏   Is it designed to make it easy to validate the section after it’s turned into a narrative draft?
❏   Will it produce the right response if followed?


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