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Content planning iteration #8: add boilerplate

Only now do you have the specifications to assess and tailor any boilerplate you might use

Instructions for the eighth step:

  • Identify any relevant re-use material.
  • Review the Boilerplate/Re-Use Methodology.  Consider whether using the material you have will help lead to a winning proposal, or be more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Apply the Boilerplate/Re-Use Checklist to any content you intend to re-use. Either correct the boilerplate or insert instructions for how to correct it.

This is the final iteration. At its completion, the Content Plan will have addressed all of the topics necessary to guide the Proposal Writers.  The Content Plan should be validated prior to implementation.  If validation is performed according to the procedures for Proposal Quality Validation specified in the CapturePlanning.com MustWin Process, then you will have confirmation that the Content Plan reflects everything that it should before the actual writing starts.



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