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Content planning iteration #4: add intelligence

If you've done your homework and have an information advantage, now's the time to build it into your proposal

Instructions for the fourth step:

  1. Add instructions that explain to the Proposal Writers how to incorporate the intelligence you have gathered and what you have learned about the customer, opportunity, and competitive environment.
  2. Add instructions to your Content Plan to put the instructions in context, explain things, add detail, provide examples, reflect customer preferences, and otherwise implement the intelligence you have collected regarding the customer and opportunity.
  3. Specifically look for trade-offs that are inherent when responding to RFPs.  Then, apply the intelligence you’ve gathered to resolve the trade-offs in ways that reflect the customer’s preferences.
  4. Use this iteration to instruct the Proposal Writers in how to demonstrate an understanding that goes beyond what you were told in the RFP.
  5. Add instructions for positioning your company and offering against those of your competitors.
  6. In some cases you can achieve the goals for this iteration by modifying or expanding on instructions already in the Content Plan, rather than creating new ones.

At the completion of this iteration, the Content Plan will reflect the RFP, your win strategies, and the intelligence you have gathered that goes beyond what was said in the RFP. This step positions you to prepare a proposal that demonstrates greater insight and demonstrates true understanding so that you can submit a superior proposal.


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