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Content planning iteration #2: add the RFP requirements

Build RFP compliance in from the beginning

Instructions for the second step

  1. Copy and paste the requirements from the RFP into the Content Plan under the appropriate headings.
  2. It is up to you whether to include the full text of the RFP or just a pointer to the specific RFP requirement (page, section, bullet, etc.).  You should make this determination based on how self-explanatory the RFP is.
  3. If the RFP requirements are not already worded as instructions to the Proposal Writers, then reword where necessary.  You need to bridge the gap between what you have in the RFP and what the Proposal Writers must do, but you should not create extra work for yourself if you can avoid it.
  4. If you have a compliance matrix, use it to show which RFP requirements are relevant to which proposal headings. Then turn the data from the compliance matrix into instructions.

At the completion of this iteration, you have a document that shows the Proposal Writers where to address each RFP requirement and approximately how much space they have to do it in. You have a plan to build a proposal that faithfully follows the RFPs instructions and responds to what the customer asked for.



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