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Benefits of using a content plan

Writing a proposal with a Content Plan is easier than writing one without a Content Plan

By using a Proposal Content Plan:

  • You reduce the number of changes after people start writing by providing a means to ensure that instructions are complete and correct.
  • You greatly reduce writing time by reducing how long it takes to figure out what to write.
  • You eliminate the endless cycle of rewrites that occurs when writers and reviewers can’t agree on what should be written.
  • Instead of being something difficult and mysterious, you turn proposal writing into a process of elimination where authors convert each instruction into a narrative response.
  • You avoid wasting effort on creating a planning document that is separate from the process of writing.  In other words, because the files used to create a Content Plan become the draft proposal, they do not require extra effort or get ignored.
  • You will get better results from inexperienced writers and more consistent results from all writers.

A Content Plan is a critical part of achieving quality assurance for proposals.  The review of the Content Plan is actually more important than the review of the narrative.  By focusing attention on the Content Plan you ensure that, if the instructions are followed, the proposal will be what you want it to be.  Then all you have to do is make sure that people follow the instructions.  When the draft proposal is written you can even validate it by comparing the narrative draft to the original Content Plan, which functions much like a checklist.  This enables you to validate that the draft reflects everything it is supposed to.


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