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Learn the proposal process and proposal management strategies and techniques we recommend

Over the years we have turned some of the most important content on PropLIBRARY into training materials. Only instead of combining all that content into lengthy courses, we’ve kept them modular so that we can mix and match as necessary to solve your particular challenges. For full coverage, you can combine topics and make a nice, long, comprehensive course. To quickly address a challenge you face, you could choose a single topic and focus like a laser on it. Or you could pick something in between. You decide.

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Below is a list of topics related to the proposal process that you can use to build your process or improve an existing one. You can mix and match these with other course topics to solve the specific challenges that you are facing. You can write down the topic number and heading if you want to remember your picks and send them to us or discuss them with us by clicking the buttons below.

Training Topics

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1.1) Starting your proposals with the input you need. In this session we’ll discuss what information you need to write a winning proposal and explain how to use proposal input forms to assess whether you’ve got it. You’ll never have all the information you’d like to have, but by quickly figuring out what you do have to work to with, you can build your proposal strategies around it. Add an exercise review session and we’ll end the first session with a sample set of proposal input forms that your staff can customize and we’ll review them together in the second session to make sure you are ready to implement them. 

1.2) Implementing a goal driven proposal process. The proposal process should not be about the steps. It should be about accomplishing goals. When the goals are clear, the procedures can be quite flexible. In this session we’ll throw away the flow chart and replace the proposal process with a series of goals. When you combine the goals with your procedures for doing things, you’ll change the proposal process from an imposition into something that helps people achieve their goals. Add in an exercise review session and you can map the goals to how you are currently doing things and get feedback to help reposition how you approach your proposals.

1.3) Modular communication templates. If you have a mature proposal process, you can use our modular approach to communication templates to improve performance by delivering the right information before, during, and after each activity. If you don’t have a mature proposal process, you can use our modular approach to communication templates to fill the gap by coordinating all of the activity and work as effectively as if you had a mature process. Add in an exercise review session and you can tailor the templates we’ll provide and then get our feedback prior to implementation. 

1.4) Alternative proposal reuse strategies. Recycling narratives is far more expensive than people realize and has the potential to do far more harm than good. But there are other reuse strategies that can provide inspiration and acceleration for your proposals. In this session, we’ll cover three: Proposal Recipes, Content Plan Libraries, and Inspiration Libraries. Add in an exercise review session and you can experiment with all three, get feedback, and better decide which approach is best for your company. 

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