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8 simple proposal phrases to help communicate the value in what you are proposing

Winning proposals requires more than just telling the customer what you are proposing to offer or do

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Sometimes why you are proposing something says more about the value than a description of what you are proposing. Simply claiming value is both easy and meaningless. How many times has every company bidding claimed to be the “best value?” Substantiating your value proposition is where you win or lose. While your approach delivers the value, the reason why you chose that approach is what explains and substantiates the value in what you are offering.

  1. “We deliver” or “Our approach delivers” Follow this simple phrase with what the customer gets from your approach. Make sure it addresses why they should they care and what matters about it. And make it better, faster, less expensive, etc.
  2. “As a result” or “The result is” What happens as a result of what you are proposing? That is where the value delivery occurs. Don’t assume that whatever happens “as a result” is obvious and don’t downplay it. Anytime you have the opportunity to say “as a result” you have an opportunity to talk about the customer getting something from you that matters. Something of value. Extra credit if it’s a differentiator. 
  3. “In order to” This is an easy transition that lets you explain why your approach is so great. Take advantage of it. Don’t just give them a simple explanation. Give them the reasons to accept your proposal, without having to say “Pick me! Pick me!”
  4. “So that” This is another transition that provides the reason why you are proposing what you are proposing. We take this approach so that…
  5. “We bring” This is a way to cite your advantages as part of what you are offering. Do you bring qualifications, experience, better results, value, more resources, or something else that matters?
  6. “We offer” What do they get from you? What are you offering in your proposal? Make sure that you go beyond a simple claim and offer something that matters to them.
  7. “Because of” or “Because we” The word “Because” can be used to explain or as a synonym for what will result. Either way it can help you transition to the value in what you are proposing. And don’t be afraid to start a sentence with it. Because when you do, you have an opportunity to explain the value the customer will get.
  8. What’s more” Used rarely, but that only increases its dramatic impact. It sets up the value delivery as a bonus, as something that exceeds the requirements, and as a potential differentiator. “More” is what you need to beat the competition.


Stack them up. It’s a great way to be compelling without being too self-promotional because you’re giving the reasons, the explanations, and the substantiation for your ability to give them what they asked for. 

  • We bring… as a result…
  • We offer… so that… The result is…
  • We deliver… in order to...
  • Because we… the result is…
  • Our approach to…  is…  so that… and as a result…

If you just give the customer a description of your offering without the rationale for why it should matter to them, you’ll be leaving out what they really need to make their decision. You don’t have to overtly sell. But you do need to explain. You need to help the customer make their decision. A proposal is a decision support tool. If you help your customer make their decision, they’ll appreciate you for it.

Think and write in pairs

For everything you describe in your proposal, there needs to be something else. It can be an insightful or beneficial addition, or it can be an explanation. Write in pairs. Whatever you need to say to fulfill an RFP requirement should also:

  • Be an explanation
  • Add value
  • Have a benefit
  • Achieve, deliver, or produce something that matters
  • Be something you chose for a reason that matters
  • Differentiate your proposal from your competitors

Use the language of the evaluation criteria. When trying to articulate your explanations or value optimize your wording to score highly during the customer’s evaluation, don’t just use phrases like these delivered in pairs to sound beneficial. Use them to add up to the highest evaluation score.

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