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Things you can try in the Proposal Input Tool

Follow this script to learn how to use the proposal input feature in MustWin Now

Here is a list of all the features you can use in the MustWin Now Proposal Input tool and how to use them. They can be combined with the other tools in many different, creative ways to help you with your proposals. If you want to explore you can use this list to make sure you know how it works. If you find something isn't self explanatory or confusing, just let us know and we'll walk you through it.

To work through the script, select an RFP. Which one hardly matters. Since the goal is to try every feature without impacting a real pursuit, think of this as training and remove the pursuit you create by following the script when you are done. 

Proposal Input Forms

This tool is for quickly assessing what you know at the start of the proposal effort to inform proposal writing. It is similar to the Pre-Proposal Capture Forms tools, only its intended to aggregate what you know instead of guiding research. The two can be used separately or together. Proposal Input Forms can also be combined with the win strategy tool to enable you to drive your strategies into the proposal. 

# Feature Instructions
1 Work on one of the Proposal Input Forms Proposal Input Forms work exactly the same as the Pre-Proposal Capture Q&A Forms. The lists of questions and the purpose are what's different. Instead of prompting research, the goal of the Proposal Input Forms is to assess what you know that can be used in the proposal. To try using the Proposal Input Forms Tool, follow the same script provided for the Pre-Proposal Capture Q&A Tool.
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