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The next version of MustWin Now will change how you do proposal work

Same tools. Now with new collaboration and management tools available at the moment of need.

First a little history:

  • The first version of MustWin now came out two years ago. It started out as an R&D discovery that enabled us to turn Proposal Content Planning into a streamlined online activity. It opened our eyes to completely new ways of doing proposals long after we thought we knew what we were doing.
  • The second version of MustWin Now then expanded the features to cover the entire process from lead identification through proposal writing. From it we learned how to design a platform that makes the process disappear for users so that they can just focus on doing what they need to do. We saw ways to reinforce that and that's what drove the third version.
  • The new version of MustWin Now takes the previous toolset and adds a collaboration layer that addresses some of the key challenges people face when working together on proposals. MustWin Now is becoming a tool for managing the proposal effort, as well as a tool for driving your win strategies into the document. No, that’s not quite right. MustWin Now is Becoming a place to figure out what you need to do to win, how to work together on a document against a deadline, and how to drive all of your aspirations into your proposal. 

In addition to enabling you to make and track assignments and activity, it can be used to coordinate effort, collaborate on fulfilling assignments, schedule formal and informal reviews, ask questions, get help, and more. MustWin Now will track all these things so that you can see what has been done and what still needs to be done, much like an online whiteboard. Only it's a dynamic whiteboard that changes for each individual.

If you want to focus only on your assignments, you can. If you want the big picture, you can see what's going on. If you want to approach things with a process of elimination, you can see just the things that are left to do. And for each thing that needs to be done, you can use the tools in MustWin Now to gather the information you need and figure out what to do with it to prepare a winning proposal. You can even use it to track and coordinate offline activity related to the proposal. It’s incredibly flexible and handles RFPs and proposals of just about any shape and size.

For most users, they'll just do and interact. For proposal managers, they can shape the activity and the message. We like using what we built and that's a really good sign.

How do you get your hands on it?

All PropLIBRARY Subscribers will have access to MustWin Now. We’re going to give PropLIBRARY Subscribers a chance to get to know the new version by doing a simulated proposal. If you subscribe you'll be able to throw one of your RFPs at it and we'll walk you through all the new features.

Got questions about the MustWin Now or want to participate in a simulated proposal with the new version?

Let's discuss your challenges with preparing proposals and winning new business...

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