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9 factors that define the role of a Proposal Manager

Everybody does it differently. So here's a framework to make it a conscious choice.

The proposal manager role at one company can be very different from the role of a proposal manager at another company. This is often because the organization leaves it ambiguous. Position descriptions are often contradictory or too long to be feasible. The result is that sometimes the role is frequently defined by force of will of the person in it, sometimes by necessity, and sometimes by the organization’s culture. The differences end up being significant.

Here are 9 factors that drive those differences. They can produce very different proposal managers. And that is neither good or bad. The real question is what kind of proposal manager is a match for a given company and proposal effort? A company can use them to determine the kind of proposal manager it would like to have. And proposal specialists can use them to determine the kind of proposal manager they would like to be.

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