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Federal Opportunity Search Service from CapturePlanning.com

We do the searching so you can build customer relationships



We want to free you up to focus on relationship marketing by doing the online searching and monitoring of opportunities. When we monitor websites like SAM and identify opportunities for upcoming recompetes you can focus lead generation through relationship marketing. We’ll even help with that by letting you know when to reach out to customers before the RFP for recompetes are written so you can reach out and establish a relationship, influence the RFP, and get into position to win. We’ll stay behind the scenes so you own your customer relationships.

And the best part is you’ll only pay for the leads that are worth pursuing. You won’t pay us for the daily searching we do. If you don’t like the potential leads we discover, you won’t pay anything. 

Each time we send you something, you’ll decide whether to take it further. Then you pay, but only for the next step. At each step we prepare deliverables that make the available data more relevant and useful for your pursuit.




The total cost for a completed, ready to bid lead is $1680. There is no charge for leads you don’t like. And if you decide to drop a lead in the middle, you only pay for the phases you entered. The result is a solid lead with your insights and positioning well articulated and ready for RFP release.

Once the RFP is released, your company owns the bid and what comes next. You don’t have to use us to do the proposal. But we’re here to help if needed. Proposal support is not part of the search service.

What happens when….

  • We find a potential lead? We’ll let you know so you can decide whether you want to pursue it and provide feedback.
  • A lead gets updated? We’ll let you know so you can determine what if anything needs to be done.
  • A sources sought, draft RFP, or similar announcement comes out? We’ll let you know so you can respond appropriately. You can respond to it on your own. Or you can engage us as consultants to help.
  • An RFP gets released? We’ll let you know. Hopefully it’s one of the ones we were anticipating and you already have a plan in place. You can respond to it on your own. Or you can engage us as consultants to help.
  • An award notice comes out? We’ll let you know if it is one of the leads we’re following.
  • We miss something? We’re incentivized not to, but our searches are only as good as our filters. You can help us get them right and fine tune them over time. Customers do wacky, inconsistent things in what they post. When we discover something got missed, we’ll improve our filters for the future.
  • We have an ID/IQ, BPA, or GSA Schedule contract vehicle we’d like to monitor? If you forward the emails to us or provide us with a login, we’ll include any lead source you’d like.
  • What sources do you monitor? We use SAM. A lot. We also use some commercial databases of Federal opportunities and some that cover state and local opportunities. We’re constantly experimenting with the mix to determine which are the best match.
  • What if we pursue the leads on our own without paying? We’re not worried about that for three reasons. The first is that it’s a better use of your time to have us doing the searching and monitoring. The second is that our structured approach will help you win. And finally, you’d be missing out on future leads worth far more than what you’d save. We are both heavily incentivized to help each other.

How do we get started?

First, reach out to us below. Let’s see if we’re a match for each other. If we are a match:

Normally we charge a startup fee to cover the time for us to discuss what leads you are interested in, what leads you are not interested in, how you qualify your leads, and to set up your search filters and add you to our system. 



Once we start searching, we’ll need to refine the filters. For the first week or two, we’ll need a lot of feedback and leads that we’re not sure how relevant they are. We’ll immediately start with monitoring current announcements. But we’ll also start going through the last 5 years of recompete data. That may take some time, but we’ll start with the opportunities that might be up for recompete in the next 6 months or so, and work from there. If we don’t find anything, we’ll still send you an occasional email so that you know we’re looking. 

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