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Bringing structure to the Pre-RFP release phase of opportunity pursuit

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3:40  - I discuss how much structure do you might already have and understanding how your needs and priorities impact how your approach pre-RFP structure and process
13:19 - I discuss the the Goldilocks dilemma and how it impacts pre-RFP pursuit before presenting an approach to resolving it
18:00 - I show the utility of Pursuit Capture Forms and how to use them to building pre-RFP structure around simple questions and answers
19:59 - I discuss taking action on your intel instead of just collecting it
21:25 - I tak about introducing structure
28:10 - I talk about conducting online opportunities reviews
31:16 - I show how to drive your pre-RFP intel into the proposal
34:16 - I talk about minimal structure
35:53 - I introduce Mark Amtower who talks about using  LinkedIn during the pre-RFP pursuit
38:17 - I describe how to prompt your staff to take action during the pre-RFP pursuit and how to get the proposal input you need
39:26 - I discuss tailoring pre-RFP questions and using them to change behavior
40:19 - I talk about how minimal efforts can have major implications
42:53 - I talk about using these approaches to create proposals that matter to the customer
43:40 - I present some purchase options for MustWin Now
46:15 - I answer questions related to templates, activities, remote teams, how early to start, panic at RFP release, how to file your intel, and more


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