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How to try MustWin Now on a single proposal

An alternative to subscribing that focuses on winning a single proposal

Normally to get MustWin Now you have to get a subscription to PropLIBRARY and pay per user.  We’ve come up with an alternative approach that will enable you to try it on a single proposal before committing to a subscription. Because we’re talking about a live proposal, we’re offering this with a concierge service.

We have three goals...

  1. Make sure you have a great proposal experience even though you’re trying a new approach, while providing a safety net to ensure that introducing a new tool into a live proposal doesn’t cause problems
  2. Eliminate the learning curve and make sure that you get the most benefit out of using MustWin Now
  3. Show you how to maximize your win probability using MustWin Now

We want you to decide to continue using MustWin Now to increase your win probability on all your future pursuits.

Your access to MustWin Now will be limited to a single pursuit and will last until the proposal is submitted. We can start before the RFP is released, and you can use the Pursuit Capture Forms to prepare for the proposal. 

Your staff will be users of MustWin Now, and will:

  • Answer the Pursuit Capture and Proposal Input Form questions
  • Validate the compliance matrix and outline
  • Contribute to and validate the proposal content plan
  • Determine what to offer and how to price it 
  • Be responsible for reading and understanding all of the terms, conditions, and requirements in the RFP
  • Write the proposal based on the plan
  • Manage the entire proposal process

So basically, your staff will be doing a proposal using MustWin Now, and we’ll be helping you get up to speed on how to best use it.

What we’ll do to help you get up to speed using MustWin Now:

  • Provide orientations for your stakeholders to provide training and guidance as needed
  • Set the pursuit up for you in MustWin Now and configure all the options.
  • Set up your users. You can have as many users as you need for your proposal.
  • Enter the RFP into MustWin Now for you and build the draft compliance matrix and proposal outline. We’ll guide you through validating your compliance matrix.
  • Provide advice and support to help you win that goes beyond just technical support.
  • Assist with preparing and validating the proposal content plan.
  • When proposal writing starts, we fade out. Unless you want to retain us as consultants.

To do these things we’ll participate in up to 8 online meetings. This give us the flexibility to respond to your needs while setting expectations so we can deliver all this for a fixed price. The meetings may include orientations, strategy discussions, content planning sessions, reviews, etc. Typically we’ll do an orientation session for the pre-RFP pursuit, compliance matrix, and proposal content plan. You might want us to attend your kickoff meeting, brief reviewers or executives, etc. We’ll have working sessions with the staff completing the Pursuit Capture Forms, validating the compliance matrix, contributing to the proposal content plan, and validating that it’s ready for proposal writing. And we’ll have some tasks that we’ll do in between calls and meetings, like entering the RFP, user account management, working on the compliance matrix and proposal outline, and our own contributions to the Proposal Content Plan.

How much does it cost?

Because it's tied to using MustWin Now, we can do this for a simple fixed price of $2,500, including all the subscription-level access your team needs during the proposal.

What comes after the proposal is submitted?

If you continue to use PropLIBRARY after the proposal ends, you'll pay the low monthly cost based on the number of users and we’ll deduct the upfront portion of the cost. At 15 users, you’ll be getting $2,395 in up-front costs waived and only paying $215 per month for your users to continue having access to PropLIBRARY and MustWin Now. 

If you want even more support, we can provide it

We do offer consulting services and can provide expertise or fill gaps to help finish your proposal. We’ll have to discuss the level of effort and how much it will cost. For example, we can:

  • Participate in the review of the draft proposal. How many reviews? What is the scope of the review?
  • Help write the proposal. Because we set up the compliance matrix and content plan, we'll have precise information about the size and complexity of what needs to be written and will need fewer hours than we'd normally estimate for this task. Ask for a quote.
  • Manage and lead the proposal process. This usually requires a high level of effort. Let’s talk about it.  

How do we move forward?

Let’s have a conversation so we can answer your questions and get to know each other. If you decide you want to move forward, we'll send an invoice through PropLIBRARY. When you pay it online, we can get started immediately. Use the calendar below to let us know when you'd like to talk about it. If you just have a quick question, click the green button and send it to us. 
A quick note for consultants…

If you want to do something similar for your customers, with you providing the concierge services, click the button to set up a conversation and I'll explain how that can work.

Let's discuss your challenges with preparing proposals and winning new business...

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