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Sample Proposal Quality Criteria

To facilitate your Proposal Quality Validation planning, we have prepared a set of sample quality criteria, allocated to key proposal milestones.

Make sure you customize this list to reflect the specifics of the opportunity, your type of business, and the market.

1.    Pre-RFP
If you implement Readiness Reviews, then these items have already been validated.
1.1    The opportunity is worth pursuing
1.2    We know what evaluation criteria to anticipate
1.3    We have collected the intelligence needed to write the winning proposal
1.4    The company is properly positioned
1.5    We have a strong list of competitive advantages
1.6    Our “what it will take to win” list is complete
1.7    Our list of win strategies is complete
1.8    Our implementation of win strategies in on track
1.9    Our pre-RFP list of themes is complete
1.10    We have completed everything we can to prepare for the proposal
1.11    We are ready for RFP release

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