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Proposal quality validation implementation

The MustWin Process adapts so that the process remains the same, even though quality criteria and circumstances may change

How you are going to conduct your reviews should be planned. The MustWin Process makes it easy.

  • You should not wait until the proposal is written to figure out how to review it.  Instead, you should start with a Validation Plan that specifies how the proposal will be reviewed and provides a basis for measuring quality and progress.
  • A Validation Plan takes the quality criteria based on what it will take to win and allocates them to a series of reviews. Creating the plan can be made checklist simple.
  • Once prepared, the Validation Plan itself must be reviewed.
  • The Proposal Manager is responsible for preparing the Proposal Quality Validation Plan.  The Executive Sponsor is responsible for reviewing it (and thus setting the standard for quality).

Implementing Proposal Quality Validation is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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