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Supply chain

If your project will include significant quantities of resources and supplies, it may be a good idea to address how you will manage your supply chain


  • What resources and supplies you will need or provide?
  • What is their manufacture, delivery, and/or storage method?
  • What resources uniquely qualify you for this project?
  • How will the customer benefit from your resources?
  • Are any of your resources exclusive to you and not available from other bidders?
  • What resources and supplies will the customer need to provide?
  • How will resources and supplies be procured?
  • How will resources be allocated across the project’s timeline and locations?
  • What is the supply chain required for you to make deliveries?
  • How you will manage the supply chain logistics?
  • How will you manage the supply chain finances?
  • What supplier supplier relationships are necessary?
  • What will you keep in inventory and how you will stock it?
  • How and where you will warehouse the inventory?
  • What software, tools, or tracking systems you will use to manage the supply chain?


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