Pursuit and Capture Program

Project based learning to transform your company and maximize your win probability

Each week we'll alternate between starting a new course module and meeting in a teleconference to discuss questions and how to best implement what you've learned in your company's particular environment.


For each company it's going to be a little different. Different offerings and customers. Different goals and points of emphasis. For some the course will guide you through enhancing or creating your process. For others the focus will be on improving your win rate, and not necessarily on process as the means to do it. Some will be in between.

Each new module will open when you complete the previous module. But don't try to get too far ahead. You can't do it all in a marathon sitting. It's also not the point. The course is scheduled over time to enable you to build out your process and not to have time to get through the materials.

When you are in a module, look at each topic from the perspective of the goals we will define for your company during the first module. The course materials should provide input and source material you can use as starting points to achieve your process goals. So as you go through the materials, be thinking of what you can use and what you can build based on what you see. At the end of the course you want to already have built things that will make your life easier and improve your win rate. We'll talk through how to best do that during our online meetings.

You do not have to follow any links in the course materials to complete the course.  But if the topics are of interest to you, you may want to. You can use the breadcrumb row at the top of the page to find your way back to the course page or reenter it from the Training pull-down menu.


Estimated time required to complete course:
121 Articles
9 Exercises
5 Files
3 Presentations

Carl Dickson
Instructor: Carl Dickson

Carl is the founder of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY.  The materials he has published have helped millions of people develop business and write better proposals. Carl is an expert at winning in writing. He is a prolific author, frequent speaker, trainer, and consultant. 

In addition, the groups Carl moderates on LinkedIn provide a place for tens of thousands of business development and proposal professionals to discuss best practices and network.

Feel free to contact Carl with questions via email: carl.dickson@captureplanning.com or by calling 321-355-8383.

You should also visit his website.

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