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Goal-driven proposal management using MustWin Now

Learn how to successfully plan before you write your proposal and write to the plan

You must be a PropLIBRARY Subscriber to take this course. MustWin Now will be free to PropLIBRARY Subscribers, so this is a great way to learn how to get the most out of it when it's released. These are skills enhancement, and not introductory course modules. Students should already know how to create a compliance matrix. Learn how to accomplish three goals: (1) Create an outline based on the customer’s expectations by using a compliance matrix. This is actually the first step in Proposal Content Planning; (2) How to accelerate your Proposal Content Planning; (3) How to build an information advantage and start with the information you need to write a winning proposal.

NOTE: You will be working with the pre-release version of MustWin Now. Things will change during the course. After release, all of the videos and training materials will likely need to be changed. By participating now you are getting an advanced look so you are better prepared at release. And some subject matter training that will be useful regardless of tool use in the future.


    We've set things up so you can flexibly manage your time:

    • For each goal, we’ll release new videos each Monday showing you how to use MustWin Now features to complete an exercise. By the end students will have completed pursuit capture forms, a compliance matrix, a proposal outline, and a proposal content plan.
    • On Thursdays at 11am (EST) we’ll have online “office hours” where we’ll use screen sharing to demonstrate, answer questions about completing the exercise, and discuss various considerations that might impact achieving the goal. The Thursday sessions will also be recorded. They will be scheduled for 1.5 hours, but the sessions won’t end until all the questions have been answered (whether that takes more or less time than scheduled).

    Estimated time required to complete course:
    16 Articles
    1 Exercise
    2 Presentations
    6 Videos

    Carl Dickson
    Instructor: Carl Dickson

    Carl is the founder of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY.  The materials he has published have helped millions of people develop business and write better proposals. Carl is an expert at winning in writing. He is a prolific author, frequent speaker, trainer, and consultant. 

    In addition, the groups Carl moderates on LinkedIn provide a place for tens of thousands of business development and proposal professionals to discuss best practices and network.

    Feel free to contact Carl with questions via email: carl.dickson@captureplanning.com or by calling 321-355-8383.

    You should also visit his website.

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