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How to create a course on PropLIBRARY

For instructors to learn how to use our system

The best way to learn about our course system is to actually take a course in it. We created this one to show you all the features and how you can take advantage of them.

PropLIBRARY's course system is like a toolbox. It helps to understand each tool, because they can be used and combined in different ways to achieve your goals.


Click on each item in sequence contained in the modules below to open them. Check each off as you complete them. Start with the first module to get an introduction. Completing the course will tell you everything you need to know to turn your content into courses we can host.

The full course will take approximately one hour to complete.


Estimated time required to complete course: 1:00 (hh:mm)
1 Quiz
9 Articles
1 Video

Carl Dickson
Instructor: Carl Dickson

Carl is the founder of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY.  The materials he has published have helped millions of people develop business and write better proposals. Carl is an expert at winning in writing. He is a prolific author, frequent speaker, trainer, and consultant. 

In addition, the groups Carl moderates on LinkedIn provide a place for tens of thousands of business development and proposal professionals to discuss best practices and network.

Feel free to contact Carl with questions via email: carl.dickson@captureplanning.com or by calling 321-355-8383.

You should also visit his website.

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